Strange occupation this would be if one didn’t already know beforehand that to feel for another is to help another to feel



NPC – Non-Player Character / Associação Teatro-Escola, wants to *corporate* itself from a base of students who attended, in the most diverse contexts, the training, workshops, classes of Nuno Pino Custódio. From 1991 to now, we are talking about 30 years of activity around an approach that systematizes the mask as a tool for the formation of the actor, in the opsis of a total theater. We want to form a true academy, ours in its own right. This will be the basis of a theater-school, these will be the “partners” of an association and the future collaborators of the pedagogical or artistic projects that will be developed. We are thinking of a space for this universe of students who somehow missed the lack of continuity, a place for regular practice, a space, even, for research.
We want you to come, to make this community!


Here, you will find the NPC objects that are currently available for scheduling and/or acquisition.
To consult dates, values and cachets, as well as other more specific and contextual information, do not hesitate to contact us directly.


Non-Player Character exposes in its archive the artistic and pedagogical path of Nuno Pino Custódio prior to the beginning of his activity in this structure, a legacy that complements and projects the developments of research and future intervention…

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